The Unlimited Source Being


The Soul Journey

to Unlimited has Begun

You have arrived here at

the greatest shifting point in your life.

Here you will transcend all that is holding you back to become

You have arrived here at

the greatest shifting point in your life.

Here you will

transcend all

that is holding you back to become


The soul journey of the Unlimited Source Being is composed of 3 areas of expansion and activations:

This is not a coincidence

You have been divinely guided here. Your soul heard a calling and directed you to this web page. This calling is your soul’s desire to advance and expand consciously. A calling that was sent across the planet to every soul in the time of the great awakening, a collective heart opening to the God Self - the I AM within you.

From Limited to Unlimited

The Unlimited Source Being is the soul's journey to transforming your outer reality and pathway to becoming truly unlimited and moving fully into your God creator power.

You may have heard the saying “As within, so without.” It’s short but incredibly powerful: to unlock your power, gifts, abilities, and to master self & create your dream reality, you must first change your inner reality, which ultimately becomes your outer experience.



Explore our Hero Programs

Embodiment of the Master Series

Alchemize all your Internal Vibrational Conflicts

There is not a before stage than the Embody the Master series, it is the first stage of the full journey, becoming enriched in light. Magnetizing through the alchemy of your vibration, that have what you know, as the dream of your heart, the dream of the perfect relationships, business, friendships, ending of all suffering within yourself.

The Unity Series Integration

Opening and Unlocking all.

The Unity Series activates your consciousness expansion fully so you can become aligned in your gifts, aspects and in your power. This is how you will stand out as a human, lightworker or channeler. Expand into higher consciousness and activate your Divine core

The Ascended Master's Journey

The Ascension Activation Series

You can spend years a lifetime searching trying to find what is the path of ascension or you can take this course, that is presented by the Ascended Masters. It will give you the empowerment to do this amazing work in such a short period of time. Start your inner mastery today by activate the Master's Journey Ascension plan given by the Ascended Masters.

This is beyond words..

"This is what we all have been waiting for

It's such a blessing

I'm beyond words..

It's like the gold at the end of the rainbow"

Frankie Wintersteen

Start to enrich your light. Today.

The first stage of the soul journey is becoming enriched in light. You cannot move into higher levels of divinity without doing this, you cannot. It will always be in your way. And it is like this on all levels of the spectrum of light.

You can vibrationally alchemize impact them by transmuting negative emotions and suffering energies into energies of peace, love and abundance.

Learn how to stop attracting lower frequencies and enter your Dream Reality life. Today.

The Ascension Begins With you

You can spend years, even a lifetime searching to find the path of ascension.

Or you can take The Master's Journey course, which is presented by the Ascended Masters who will guide you to do this excellent work in such a short period of time.

By empowering your heart and giving you the gifts to become your inner master, they have removed the Ascension confusion, so no more questions are needed as to what is next. For this reason, this course will eliminate any doubts.

You will not find a more complete version of a course for ascension that is available than the Master's Journey anywhere.

Activate and Empower your Gifts

Coming into unity with all of the light.

The Unity Series Integration activates your consciousness expansion fully and is giving the ability to become aligned in your gifts, aspects and in your power.

We all have innate abilities in us but we need to have the possibility to open up to them so we can be assisted fully. All you must tap into our consciousness as we are all consciousness, and so are you.

And as you begin to learn the gifts in the Unity Series, you can tap into us in ways that you could not before.

From Limited to Unlimited

Immense soul advancement process

By clearing out densities and embodying more light, releasing all of the energies that are weighing your consciousness down, you will become free: free of depression, fear, anxiety and abundance blocks. By tapping into your light and connecting to the higher fields of light you evolve in the self empowerment of being unlimited.

And when you are unlimited, you are living the life of your dreams.






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